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Sverige & Co (Sweden & Co) is a cleaning firm based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We offer cleaning services such as house cleaningmove out cleaning / final cleaningoffice cleaning, residential cleaning and window cleaning in Gothenburg and nearby cities.

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House Cleaning

Let us take care of the cleaning and you can spend your leisure time doing the things you enjoy doing. Our house cleaning service will be tailored to meet your unique needs and budget.
Based on your needs we set up schedule and the same maid / maids will come and visit you every time.

Checklist for House Cleaning
Since all houses are unique and all of our customers have their own priorities and whishes, we always make a unique cleaning list for each customer, but below is a basic and standard cleaning list that summarizes each cleaning session.


• Vacuum all floors and carpets. 

• Mopping all floors. 

• Dusting of paintings, lamps, window sills, tables etc. 

• Wiping of the doors, frames and light switches.

 • Empty wastebaskets.


• Cleaning of kitchen cabinets and cupboards (on the outside). 

• Cleaning of hobs, sink, worktop , crane and tiles. 

• Sink and Fan (on the outside). 

• Wiping of kitchen appliances.


• Scrubbing of toilets, cleaning of sinks, floor and shower.

• Bathtub will be cleaned in/outside. 

• Wiping of bathroom cabinets. 

• Cleaning of washer and dryer.


• Upon your request we can also perform window cleaning, cleaning of garage, cleaning of drains etc.

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Move Out / Final Cleaning

One of the most difficult and stressful parts of moving is the cleaning. Sverige & Co offers a move out cleaning that meets the requirements of the most well-known landlords in Sweden.
Our move out cleaning includes window cleaning and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Checklist for Move Out Cleaning
Below is the check list for our move out cleanings.


• Power outlet, master switch and control cabinets.

• Walls & Ceilings (dusted and cobwebs removed).

• Door and door frames.

• Floor & baseboards.

• Wardrobes (Inside if they are empty).

• If possible, it should be cleaned between the elements and the wall.


• Fixed lighting. 

• Bathroom cabinet.

• Wiping of pipes. 

• Mirrors. 

• Bath tub. 

• Toilet. 

• Sink.

• Floor drain.

• Cleaning of wall and floor tiles. 

• Valve (outside).

• Window. 

• Thresholds.

• Cleaning of the shower cabinet.

• Water pipes are cleaned with drain cleaner upon request if it's needed (no extra charge).


• Fixed lighting.

• Cooker hood & ventilation.

• Oven, heating cabinets, baking sheets and grids. (if possible drawn fire back and it cleaned over and behind).

• Refrigerator and freezer, even under and behind, if possible. (must be defrosted before cleaning).

• Cabinets, drawers and doors (only inside if they are empty, also applies cutlery drawers.)

• workbenches, sink and troughs.

• Dishwasher.

• Degreasing and cleaning the outside of the hoods.

• Water pipes are cleaned with drain cleaner upon request if it's needed (no extra charge).


• All windows (inc. Window frames and window sills).


• Sweeping and vacuuming

Other services we offer are:
Window Cleaning
- Office cleaning
- Spring Cleaning
- Residential Cleaning

For more information. Call us on 031 - 75 75 095 or fill out our contact form and we will contact you.